“What should my skill level be for this event?”

The core tenets behind Legendeer are designed to scale from basic levels of observation to the highest levels of ideation, the shaping of personal voice, defining content, and creative lifestyle design. The model is adaptable to all skill levels as we will be teaching to the individual, not the crowd. Legendeer Appalachia focuses on informing and shaping storytelling through the pursuit of rich personal experiences. Technical skill is not as important as your enthusiasm to seek, make, and share your experiences. Every skill level will be welcomed equally.

“How physically fit do I need to be?”

The experiential portion of the program will invite participants to hike, camp and to take full advantage of  the New River Gorge area. In the event of day and overnight trips the outings will require participants to hike with light packs in beginning to moderate terrain in altitude in the mountains of the Eastern United States. If you will be hiking, it is a good idea to train prior to taking part in the expedition to know your own physical capabilities and limitations. Each participant will be required to sign an acknowledgement of risk form, and to clearly communicate any known mental and physical health concerns.

“Are there any additional expenses with the Expedition?”

1. Lodging before and after basecamp arrival not included.

2. Flights are not included.

3. Meals and related expenses to and from basecamp are not included. 

4. You will be responsible for your own personal gear, including sleeping bags, art materials, hiking clothes and shoes, and other hiking supplies. 

5. A centralized transport to and from the the Legendeer basecamp just outside of New River Gorge from Richmond, Virginia (RIC) will be included.

“Is there a portfolio review in the Expedition application process?”

We’re interested in knowing what kind of person you are, and hearing what you’d like to produce and accomplish during your time in the Legendeer Appalachia program. Feel free to include a portfolio link to help us get a sense of you and your work. Space in the program will be very limited, so be sure to make the best case for yourself within the program.

“Will I have cellphone access and wi-fi?”

Cellphone access will be limited while in the New River Gorge, but Wi-fi will be available within the basecamp area. While our housing will access and some amenities, we strongly encourage participants to disconnect from day to day obligations. 

“I’ve never camped; during the program, where will I be staying?”

Legendeer Appalachia will focus on a basecamp model, where we will be setting up in rustic Amish cabins with showers, bunk style beds, ac and a kitchenette, just outside of Fayetteville, West Virginia. Camping will be an option for those so inclined. If you intend to camp, you’ll need to communicate that early, so we can best prepare. You will be required to provide your own sleeping bag. 


“Nature? Isn’t that dangerous?”

We have taken every possible precaution to ensure your safety. All groups will be accompanied by two leaders, one of whom will be a licensed, local guide to the standards required by the US National Park Service. All groups will carry first aid kits, and will be well-equipped with knowledge about the trails and any potential dangers. Ultimately, you will be responsible for your own safety and we will require you to sign an acknowledgement of risk waiver. 

“Will I be expected to finish any artwork at while at Legendeer Appalachia?”

Legendeer Appalaicha focuses on mentorship, individual creative growth and a singular outcome that participants propose as part of their application. While finishing work isn’t expected, we want to be able to assist each person in the shaping of ideas and producing work they are proud to develop. You will be introduced to methods and techniques that can be applied directly to the realization of your creative work. Following the event, we look forward to continuing a dialgoue within the Legendeer forum, as you progress towards the realization of a creative work/direction.


“Can you cater to my dietary requirements?”

With a large shared kitchen and preparation space, attendees will prepare their own meals and share in kitchen prep duties. Legendeer will purchase food in bulk, per our initial survey, to have on hand during the program. We’re minutes from a Wal-Mart, so not to fret- you can find what you’ll need. Accommodations may be possible- just ask and we’ll see what we can do. Three meals a day are included in the pricing structure, beginning with dinner on Monday, May 28 and ending with breakfast on Sunday, June 3. If you have specific dietary requirements, allergies etc, please make a note of these in the application form, and be prepared to provide for your own nourishment, where applicable. Keep in mind that at least one meal each day will likely be eaten during our expeditions into the surrounding area and parks, and you should be prepared to carry your own food.


“Is this event only suitable for Painters & Illustrators?”

No, the events are designed to find a common thread between disciplines through the creative process. The Legendeer program was designed for creators from all walks of life. We will be structuring the content to be applicable to a variety of outcomes and presents value to Photographers, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Designers, Animators, Art Directors and more. We will explore many overlapping and interconnected practices that work in concert to create the most powerful ideas across all media.

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