MAY 28- JUNE 4, 2017



Join Legendeer this summer, as we host a week-long intensive creative incubator, focusing on direct mentorship and skill development. Our basecamp located on the Eastern Ridge overlooking Zion National Park will be equipped for daily lectures, workshops and studio time. Throughout the week, take part in expeditions into the surrounding wild spaces of Zion’s canyons, forests and mountains.

This year’s program is designed to be both focused and flexible. Our location just outside of Zion National Park will afford us the opportunity to balance time in nature, as well as time in the studio.



Photo credit: Adam Paquette Legendeer California 2015

When you gather a community of remarkable people in inspiring places, inspiration comes easy; conversation comes easy. It’s diving into the work that’s hard- but that’s why were here. It ain’t all adventure and hot cocoa. At LEGENDEER ZION basecamp, focus on your creative goals, breathe life into personal projects, plan an intelligent portfolio, craft a story, or find your personal voice in a body of work. We’re here to dedicate our time and resources to helping you shape your vision and skills.

  • Mentorship sessions focused on strengthening the connection between you, your work, and the world and how your work is received.
  • Talks that address the challenges and opportunities specific to working, contemporary artists.
  • Group and Individual skill development.
  • Group discussions and Q&A sessions. 
  • Review sessions and business/brand workshopping. 




Photo credit: Loic Zimmermann. Legendeer Canada 2016

Out here, we’ll be humbled. We’ll be challenged. We’ll know we’re alive. It’s in these moments that our stories take root. Observation, Documentation- we’re hunting for big game with little more than pen, paper and our imagination. While out in Zion National Park, we’ll consider the way our creative tools and acts deepen our experiences and perceptions, and translate those into our work.

  • Painting and drawing on location
  • Documentation through drawing, writing, photography, audio & video
  • Storytelling as a means of translating experience
Towers of the Virgin  2/4/14 – NPS Photo licensed under CC by 2.0



Sterling Hundley

Founder & Owner

Painter – Writer – Professor: VCUarts- Illustrator for Treasure Island, Rolling Stone, The Grammys, MLB, New Yorker

Adam Paquette

Development Director

Illustrator – Writer – Painter – Digital Nomad


Jeremy Collins

Legendeer Minister of Culture

Illustrator – Draftsman – Climber – Entrepreneur- Filmaker- Founder of Meridian Line- Author of Drawn: The Art of Ascent

Apolla Echino

Filmmaker – Writer – Actor – Dancer – Adventurer. Creator & Director of “A Woman’s Guide to the World” & Apollonia Productions

Robalu Gibsun 

Spoken Work Poet – Performer – Visual Artist


Ron Lemen

Artist – Illustrator – Concept Artist – Educator

Vanessa Lemen

Artist, Illustrator, Educator

Mahting Putelis 

Lead Guide and Zion Expedition Coordinator

Photographer – Endurance Athlete





On Sunday, May 28th, the LEGENDEER ZION team will depart from the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada as we head for our residency basecamp: two luxury homes overlooking some of Zion National Park’s most iconic terrain. The program will begin on Monday morning, running through Saturday. The closing ceremony will take place on Saturday evening, with shuttles departing from basecamp for the Las Vegas airport at 9am on Sunday June 4th.

*Additional guests, details and itinerary to be announced.






$1950 USD 



Full tuition includes transport from McCarran International Airport, accommodations, meals, park passes and basic camping gear: tents and n0n-personal items, as well as return travel to McCarran International Airport. 

*Tuition is non-refundable. 

*Tuition does not include airfare or travel/accommodations/meals before and after program dates.


The LEGENDEER ZION team will be setting up basecamp in two luxury homes that sit a short walk from the Eastern rim entrance of Zion National Park. Far from roughing it, these homes are equipped with modern amenities to provide a comfortable living and working situation. While there are ample beds for attendees, bedrooms will be shared and bed sizes will be determined on a first come, first serve basis. Attendees will be able to choose their roommates. As with all Legendeer events, this is designed as a community effort. Even within the homesite, we’ll be implementing a leave-no-trace policy related to upkeep and maintenance.

On the bottom floor of the largest house, we’ll gather daily for lectures, presentations, workshop demonstrations and development of personal projects.

*Workshop schedule and full itinerary to be announced.





Legendeer is a multi-disciplinary movement, inviting innovators from creative industries as diverse as Illustration, Production Art, Independent Filmmaking ,Education, Performance, Writing, Fine Art and Entrepreneurship. The vital connection between our history, experiences, personality, health, and the work that we create is at the core of Legendeer.

Legendeer’s events bring together a community of creative leaders to establish a new vision for Art and Artists in the world. We seek out creators who are embedded in their world and their communities, who live passionately and shape their experiences into powerful work. We advocate the pursuit of authentic voice and amplify that to the world. The Legendeer vision is for a generation of artists who are empowered through insight, intellect, humor and determination, and skill, so that they may take control of their creative decisions in order to become leaders in the art world and visionaries in their community.







“What should my skill level be for this event?”

The core tenets behind Legendeer are designed to scale from basic levels of observation to the highest levels of ideation, the shaping of personal voice, defining content, and creative lifestyle design. The model is adaptable to all skill levels as we will be teaching to the individual, not the crowd. Legendeer ZION focuses on informing and shaping storytelling through the pursuit of rich personal experiences. Technical skill is not as important as your enthusiasm to seek, make, and share your experiences. Every skill level will be welcomed equally.

“How physically fit do I need to be?”

The experiential portion of the program will invite participants to hike, canyoneer, camp and to take full advantage of Zion National Park. The day and overnight trips will require participants to hike with light packs in beginning to moderate terrain in altitude in the desert climate of the American West. If you will be hiking, it is a good idea to train prior to taking part in the expedition to know your own physical capabilities and limitations. Each participant will be required to sign an acknowledgement of risk form, and to clearly communicate any known mental and physical health concerns.

“Are there any additional expenses with the Expedition?”

1. Lodging in Las Vegas are not included. 2. Flights are not included.
3. Meals and related expenses in Las Vegas are not included. 
4. You will be responsible for your own personal gear, including sleeping bags, art materials, hiking clothes and shoes, and other hiking supplies. 
5. A centralized transport to and from the the LEGENDEER ZION basecamp just outside of Zion National Park from Las Vegas will be included.

“Is there a portfolio review in the Expedition application process?”

We’re interested in knowing what kind of person you are, and hearing what you’d like to produce and accomplish during your time in the Legendeer ZION program. Feel free to include a portfolio link to help us get a sense of you and your work. Space in the program will be very limited, so be sure to make the best case for yourself within the program.

“Will I have cellphone access and wi-fi?”

Cellphone access will be very limited while in the National Parks, but Wi-fi will be available within the basecamp housing. While our housing will feature full access and amenities, we strongly encourage participants to disconnect from day to day obligations. 

“I’ve never camped; during the program, where will I be staying?”

Legendeer ZION will focus on a basecamp model, where we will be setting up in two beautiful homes on the East Ridge overlooking Zion National Park. For those so inclined, overnight camping will feature comfortable tents shared between two people, beneath the stars of the desert sky.


“Nature? Isn’t that dangerous?”

We have taken every possible precaution to ensure your safety. All groups will be accompanied by two leaders, one of whom will be a licensed, local guide to the standards required by the US National Park Service. All groups will carry first aid kits, and will be well-equipped with knowledge about the trails and any potential dangers. Ultimately, you will be responsible for your own safety and we will require you to sign an acknowledgement of risk waiver. 

“Will I be expected to finish any artwork at while at LEGENDEER ZION?”

LEGENDEER ZION focuses on mentorship, individual creative growth and a singular project that participants propose as part of their application. While finishing a singular work isn’t expected, we want to be able to assist each person in the shaping of ideas and producing work they are proud to share. You will be introduced to methods and techniques that can be applied directly to the realization of your creative work. Following the event, we look forward to continuing a dialgoue within the Legendeer forum, as you progress towards the realization of a final creative work/direction.


“Can you cater to my dietary requirements?”

With ample kitchens and preparation space, attendees will prepare their own meals and share in kitchen prep duties. Legendeer will purchase food in bulk, per our initial survey, to have on hand during the program. Accommodations may be possible- just ask and we’ll see what we can do. Three meals a day are included in the pricing structure, beginning with breakfast on Monday, May 29 and ending with dinner on Saturday, June 3. If you have specific dietary requirements, allergies etc, please make a note of these in the application form, and be prepared to provide for your own nourishment, where applicable. Keep in mind that at least one meal each day will likely be eaten during our expeditions into Zion National Park, and you should be prepared to carry your own food.


“Is this event only suitable for Painters and Illustrators?”

No, the events are desigened to find a common thread between disciplines through the creative process. The Legendeer program was designed for creators from all walks of life. We will be structuring the content to be applicable to a variety of outcomes and presents value to Photographers, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Designers, Animators, Art Directors and more. We will explore many overlapping and interconnected practices that work in concert to create the most powerful ideas across all media.


Summer Fog NPS Photo/Sarah Stio Photo licensed under CC by 2.0