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We’re excited to announce the sessions we will have on offer during our Calgary Weekend Workshop – July 29-31. The full schedule with session times and parallel programming information will be available before the event.



Friday 29th July:

Casual welcome evening from 7pm.

8pm: Film Screening: Loic Zimmermann’s “A Solitary Mann”. Open to the public.

Jeremy Mann’s world is a place where pain, desire, and lust combine to project the realest parts of the human spirit. He embodies the grit and character of the urban landscape with a tone and color quality rivaled by few. Supported by a massive global following, his approach is a combination of menacing attack, fused with bolero romanticism.

Los Angeles based French director Loic Zimmermann combines a strong cinematic aesthetic with a cinéma vérité approach to capture the visceral parts of Mann, while humanizing the experience in an effort to bring the viewer behind the paint. 

Saturday 30th July:

Opening Ceremony – First Nations Welcome and Introduction to Legendeer Calgary


  • Robalu Gibsun: Voice Opening performance and improv session.
  • Adam Paquette: Active Imagination in the Digital Space: Rapid digital idea development, using your environment, audience and other resources as stimulus.
  • Vanessa Lemen: Temperament and Mark-Making: Discovering existing tendencies and natural strengths through your choice of tools. Demonstration of multiple media.
  • Sterling Hundley: Painting demonstration and discussion of process.
  • Jeremy Collins: Demonstration
  • Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto: Confidence bootcamp and marketing skills for artists.


  • Ron Lemen: World Building
  • Loic Zimmermann: Turning points, choices, and coming full circle: “Nothing is Lost”.
  • Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegel: Opportunities for Careers outside of clients, galleries and day jobs.
  • Apolla Echino: “Inspiration comes during the work itself”. Independent travel filmmaking and long term vision.
  • Brian Thompson: Teamwork, ego, and holding group vision.


Staying true to Personal Voice.

Apolla Echino, Rob Gibsun, Ron Lemen, Vanessa Lemen. Moderated by Sterling Hundley.

After Hours:

Extended hours for 1:1 Portfolio and Career reviews.

Sunday 31st July:


  • Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto: Holistic Business Reviews: Workshop career options, portfolios, approach and confidence.
  • Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal: Entrepreneurial Consultations: Workshop your plan for an artist-owned business.
  • Sterling Hundley: Ideation Workshop: Creating ideas that carry across media and medium.
  • Loic Zimmermann: Exploring Cinematography and Staging (with live actors): Composition, interaction and space.
  • Adam Paquette: Embedded Sketchbook Practise: Fine tuning awareness and rapid observation.
  • Ron Lemen: The Contemplative Narrative of Light and Dark: Exploring the self psychologically, spiritually and personally through analogy with light and dark.
  • Robalu Gibsun: Poetry, Intersection and Personal Voice: Streamlining ideas for communication, personal promotion and historical documentation.
  • Brian Thompson: Collaboration Workshop.


  • Apolla Echino: Pathways to Funding. Cultivate relationships, pursue opportunities, and fund creatively.
  • Jeremy Collins: The Intersection of the Outside and the Inside.
  • Vanessa Lemen: Crafting Narrative through Personal History & Reflection.


Approaches to Business – Owning your creativity no matter your path.

Marc Scheff, Lauren Panepinto, Brian Thompson, Jeremy Collins, Sam Flegal, Pete Mohrbacher. Moderated by Adam Paquette.


Legendeer: Vision, Process, Outcome – Adam Paquette & Sterling Hundley


Full Faculty Q&A and open discussion – ask us anything.


Legendeer Calgary Workshop Competition

Learn more about the Legendeer Calgary Workshop here.




Two tickets for you and a friend to attend the Legendeer Calgary Workshop taking place from July 29-31, 2016. (A $450 USD value)

Competition Details:

We’ll be extending one double pass invitation per week for one of our followers and a friend to attend the Calgary Workshop, July 29-31. We’ll be asking some questions on our Instagram (@legendeer) about art, artists and their place in the world – and to be in the running all you need to do is make sure you’re following @legendeer, instagram a response to the question, and #legendeer in the description. We’ll announce the winners, along with a new question each Wednesday.

*Only one winning entry per person. You may enter each week. Workshop tickets are non-transferrable and carry no monetary value. Prize does not include travel, accommodations or any value beyond entry for two people into the Legendeer Calgary Workshop, Alberta College of Art and Design, July 29, 30 and 31, 2016.

Why Are We Doing This?

As part of building the larger vision of Legendeer, we want to foster a regular, open and meaningful dialogue between artists around the bigger questions we arrive at in our lives and work.

Over the last century, intellectual and philosophical discussion of the arts has become largely the domain of critics, curators, collectors and consumers. As a result, working artists with a sincere desire to question, analyze, and express their own ideas about art and its meaning in our world are often met with suspicion or apathy.

Legendeer’s vision for empowered, intelligent and skilled artists who are leaders and visionaries in their communities requires those who are called to intelligent inquiry, as well as intuition and craftsmanship.Powerful conversations are already happening: in our studios, workplaces, gatherings and online. Life changing ideas emerge from our creative communities every day. We want to amplify those voices, and encourage artists to open that dialogue to the public, and play a part in re-defining the role of the artist in society.


WEEK ONE – 6.22 – 6.29

Where does art come alive?

The Legendeer philosophy puts a strong emphasis on the relationship between artists and the spaces they occupy. We believe in the Embedded Artist.

Where do you feel most creative? Where do you go to get the ideas flowing? Is it the familiarity of your studio, a particular time of day, somewhere your feet can touch the ground, your childhood home? Is it half way around the world, or on your daily commute? Do we seek out these places of inspiration, or create them ourselves?




Additional information on the Legendeer Canada Workshop:









Embedding Artists back into the world.