May 28- June 3, 2018

Join a movement of embedded artists on a week-long skill and personal voice development residency in wild West Virginia.


Legendeer is heading upstream to the rugged adventurer’s paradise of the Appalachian Mountains and the New River Gorge. We gather to share knowledge, develop skill, find clarity and purpose, refine our creative voice, and connect to the community of creators around us. This experience unfolds in wild natural surroundings, aligning our ambitions with the ancient patterns and rhythms that create life.


Over our last three expeditions to Yosemite, Alberta and Zion, we have refined three missions that we believe are vital to artists today. The first is to seek out embedded experiences and use them to understand how creative processes can connect us deeply to the world. The second is to amplify creative potential through skill, authenticity, process, and accountability. And finally, to exemplify the role of the embedded artist by skillfully sharing our personal vision with a global community. We break these down into three areas of focus during the event:


O1. Experience Stream 


We will be running hikes and outdoor activities that take you into the open spaces where you can breathe in, hone your awareness and challenge yourself. It is in these moments that art becomes enlarged by your direct experience, and the big picture becomes clear.

  • Learn methods of artistic observation that sharpen your perception.

  • Improve your ability to document an experience while being in the middle of it.

  • Paint, draw, shoot and write outdoors alongside professionals who have built careers in the wild.

  • Adventure at your own pace – push your limits or just take a day in nature to open the mind.

  • Unwind by the fire pit with a mug of coffee, good conversation, and a sky full of stars.




O2. Skill Stream


Whether you are a student starting out or you are a professional searching for distinction in your technique, it is crucial that the development of skill goes hand in hand with an understanding of your purpose, context and audience. Over the course of the week we will work with you one-on-one to narrow in on your materials, processes, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Share knowledge and break down our assumptions, validations and fears to help address the challenges in front of you.

  • Receive personal feedback on technique and discuss solutions to creative blocks.

  • Analyze case studies and progress shots to dissect what goes into completing complex artworks.

  • Experiment and explore professional materials to surprise, inform and amplify the impact of  your professional and personal work.

  • Look at different ways to conceptualize, organize and manage projects, how to deal with clients, and keep yourself on track with personal work.


O3. Voice Stream


Your voice is not just a unique style that sets you apart from other artists, it is the part of your true self that drives you, reminds you what you value most, and brings depth and meaning to your work over many years. Here we dig into the big questions, the tough choices, and the meaning behind it all.

  • Take part in portfolio reviews to discuss how you are shaping your body of work to represent your unique voice to your industry, and the audience.

  • Workshop projects individually or with the group, test your ideas, refine your plan, and consider the effect and impact you want to deliver.

  • Set creative goals within a broader life context, to find balance amongst our complex overlapping demands. Find ways to weave your artistic practice into daily life.

  • Demand straight answers to difficult questions with Q&A’s, personal talks and an honest look at the many different paths that we can take in a creative life.

  • Witness the effectiveness of the journal sketchbook as the key tool for developing your vision, and take home a book overflowing with inspiration and insight.

Pre-event and Post-event Program


In addition to the main program, Legendeer 2018 will be supported by a personalized online course that will run for one month on both sides of our expedition. the three parts of our programming provide Legendeers with the time necessary to evolve ideas, methods and outcomes.

I. Pre-Event

T he Pre-Event program primes you with fresh perspectives on your creative history, intentions and goals for the expedition so you can get the most out of your time on location. We have built a custom space for you to get acquainted with the program, meet the group, and clarify any questions in the lead up to the event.

II. Legendeer Appalachia Expedition

L egendeers will embed themselves in the heart of the spectacular Appalachian Mountains and in the area around the New River Gorge to directly experience the culture and inform their personal stories. This living research draws on the timeless advice of “write what you know“. It’s amazing what you see when you know what you’re looking for.

III. Post-Event

T he Post-Event program will use the same online architecture to extend your discoveries and insights from the expedition into the planning and execution of a final project when you are back in your studio. You will receive feedback on your work and we will finish with a review and discussion of the process from start to finish. These programs allow a complete ‘life-cycle’ of an artistic project, so you can refine your process each step of the way and build a clear, robust and inspiring model for your future work.


Sterling Hundley

Founder & CEO

Painter – Professor: VCUarts- Illustrator for Treasure Island, Rolling Stone, The Grammys, MLB, New Yorker

Adam Paquette

Development Director

Illustrator – Writer – Painter – Digital Nomad

Jeremy Collins

Legendeer Minister of Culture

Founder of Meridian Line- Illustrator – Draftsman – Climber – Entrepreneur- Filmmaker- Author of Drawn: The Art of Ascent

Apolla Echino

Filmmaker – Writer – Actor – Dancer – Adventurer. Creator & Director of “A Woman’s Guide to the World” & Apollonia Productions

Robalu Gibsun 

Spoken Work Poet – Performer – Visual Artist

Mahting Putelis 

Lead Guide 

Photographer – Entrepreneur – Endurance Athlete




$1975 USD 


Your tuition includes:



  • Expedition Programming

  • Online Pre-Loading and Post-Loading Programs

  • Pick up and drop off at Richmond International Airport (RIC). (Flights not included)

  • Quad Share Cabin accommodation with Bath/Kitchenette

  • All your daily meals

  • Equipment, activities, guides and passes

  • A custom Legendeer 2018 Journal



 May 28- June 3rd


The expedition runs from Monday, May 28th, with pickup at Richmond International Airport (RIC) in Virginia, to drop off in the evening on Sunday June 3rd, also at RIC. Tuesday to Saturday will be full day programs with a mix of studio and outdoor activities. The full program schedule will be finalized and announced as we draw nearer to the event.



We will make camp just minutes from the New River Gorge, with quad-shared wooden Amish Cabins tucked away in the woods. Accommodations include their own bathroom, AC, a seating area, small fridge and microwave. Attendees will be able to choose their roommates, as space allows. The cabins back onto a fire pit, making for a perfect place to gather in the evenings. A stone’s throw away, we will meet at a dedicated cabin for lectures, demonstrations and personal studio time. We are minutes by van from our scheduled day trips and hikes.


Who We Are


Legendeer is a multi-disciplinary movement, inviting innovators from diverse creative industries: Illustration, Production Art, Independent Filmmaking, Education, Performance, Writing, Fine Art and Entrepreneurship. The vital connection between our history, experiences, personality, health, and the work that we create is at the core of Legendeer.

Legendeer’s events bring together a community of creative leaders to establish a new vision for Art and Artists in the world. We seek out creators who are embedded in their world and their communities, who live passionately and shape their experiences into powerful work. We advocate the pursuit of authentic voice and amplify that to the world. The Legendeer vision is for a generation of artists who are empowered through insight, intellect, skill and determination, who take control of their creative decisions to become leaders in the art world and visionaries in their communities.

Past Events


Yosemite-San Francisco, Banff-Calgary, Zion-Las Vegas, Bogotá-Colombia, Oslo-Norway, Blue Ridge-Richmond

Legendeer has run events all over the world, and we’re just getting started. At each turn, we’ve been humbled, challenged and tempered through the awe-inspiring things we’ve seen, the incredible people we’ve met and the unspoken moments of individual triumph we would have missed, had we not been present. We’re a community of true individuals, bound and determined to live our own stories and emboldened to find that there are others just like us. Are you out there?




We’ve done our best to address any questions that you might have. Read through our answers on the Frequently Asked Questions page, and feel free to reach out with anything we’ve missed:




Embedding artists back into the